Why running makes you invincible

Originally published on The Running Bug

OK, that’s not strictly true. But once you’ve mastered it, running certainly makes you feel like you will achieve your wildest dreams. Harness your superpowers today and become an invincible runner!

Why running makes you invincible!


From your first 5K to conquering a marathon, when you hit a major milestone you will feel like there is nothing you cannot achieve. If your house was repossessed and the sky fell on your head tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a jot of difference to your running achievements. Once you have run that distance, you can never un-run it and no one can ever take those miles away from you.

Body confidence

Once you’ve taken up running and added the miles into your weekly routine you’ll soon start to see results. From thighs of steel to reinvigorated energy, running breathes life into your body, refreshes your soul and makes you feel like a superhero.

Life goals

Running goals may not be up there with buying a house or proposing to your other half, but having a goal in sight will be just as rewarding in the short term and adds valuable structure to your year. Ticking off life goals isn’t exactly a superpower, but the simple pleasure of striving and succeeding will certainly pave the way to being the superstar of your own story.


Working towards your running goals and achieving extraordinary feats of endurance demands a sense of integrity, mental strength and self-discipline. Once you’ve trained hard and conquered your first race you can channel this energy and passion into everyday life. As superpowers go, indomitable willpower is up there will invisibility and laser beam eyes.

You are an inspiration

You may not think that your humble runs are an aspirational feat, but they are. Especially to those who find it hard to get motivated. We all have the ability to inspire others to get up and get moving, so don’t down play how your running achievements can help others.

From your sedentary colleagues to your kids, even if you only manage a few miles a week others will be looking up to you and inspired by your efforts. This definitely makes you a superhero.

Spandex power

It’s no coincidence that both superheroes and runners favour skin-tight Lycra! Runners, just like superheroes, require aerodynamic kit to fly through the streets. Invest in kit that makes you feel fabulous and work it like the the superstar that you are.