Why it’s OK to wear fitness kit all day long

Originally published on The Running Bug

Forget boring clothes. Sportswear all day, every day is the key to future happiness.

Why it’s OK to wear fitness kit all day long
If you are an advocate of exercise, it doesn’t take long to get thoroughly bored of double laundry, and eventually just forgo normal clothes in favour of active wear.Here at The Running Bug we love our run kit so much we stopped bothering to get properly dressed months ago and spend our days swathed comfortably in Lycra.

New to fitness and yet to make the transition from boring civilian clothes to 24/7 sports kit? Our seven perfectly rational reasons to wear spandex all day long should convince you.

High fashion

Gone are the days when fitness kit was baby pink shrunken menswear for the girls and cumbersome tracksuits for the chaps. With brands like Sweaty Betty, Nike and Lululemon stocking cutting edge fitness gear on the high street, active wear is now high fashion and often comes at a higher price tag than your normal clothes.

From flattering cuts to fabulous prints, fit kit is so fabulous these days it would be a shame not to wear it all day long. And now the cheaper brands are following suit, you can replicate the look without the painful price tag. Just remember to actually go for a run at some point during the day to justify your outfit.

Do it for the kids

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, one in four Brits are dangerously overweight, the highest level of obesity in Western Europe. A growing number of children are affected by this, with 10 per cent of kids in their first year at school considered to be above the healthy weight range.

With this in mind, showing your kids that exercise is a normal and healthy way to spend your day is vital, as the little people look up to what you do! So next time you can’t be bothered to get properly dressed, instead choosing to swan around town with a yoga mat tucked under your arm without actually remembering to go to the gym, just remember: you’re doing it for the kids.

No sweat

Those dark pit stains that appear on your silk blouse by 11am? Or the nasty crotch itch from your suit trousers that lingers after lunch? Wear your sweat-wicking run kit all day long and you’ll eradicate these pesky issues for good!

With most fitness kit designed specifically for high-impact sports, if you wear your Lycra to stroll from your desk to the coffee machine and back instead, you know you’re in sturdy gear and you never need to worry about sweat stains and leg chafe again. And don’t even get us started on the joys of a sports bras…

Comfort is key

Can you lunge in a trouser suit? Nope. How flexible is that fitted skirt? Not very. Keep your Lycra on all day long and the world is your oyster! You can fling yourself around with wild abandon, or casually slouch over your desk instead, but you’ll be comfortable so who cares.

You might not be quite as smart as your suit-clad counterparts, but you’ll be considerably more relaxed in your leisure wear, which is arguably far more important in this modern age.

Sneaker freaks

If you’re a runner, chances are your feet are not as pretty as they used to be, but you’ve made peace with your black toenails because you know that your love of running far exceeds the necessity for a full set of attractive digits.

Sadly your non-running friends in the office might not be as understanding. Keep your unsightly runners feet firmly hidden in your favourite trainers and no one need know just how gross your toes really are. Plus running shoes are a thousand times more comfortable than anything else on earth, so why bother wearing anything else?

Booty call

Say what you will about sportswear, it lifts and cups in all the right places and makes most bottoms look fabulous! And with a well-toned derriere on display, everybody wins.


Comfort, style and sweat-wicking fabric are all highlights of wearing your sports kit all day long, but let’s not forget the coolest aspect of 24/7 active wear; you get to remain in a perpetual ‘race-ready’ state all day long.

This means that at the drop of a hat you can speed off into the distance and run a marathon, save kittens from a burning building, or reach the bus stop just in time. Why bother wearing civilian clothes ever again?