Six great reasons to enter a race today

On the fence about race day? Check out our six reasons to enter an event and reap the rewards of running.

By Rhalou Allerhand

Enter a race

1. Motivation for the nation

Nothing gets you out the door like a motivational goal, so if you struggle with enthusiasm or simply need a running boost, enter a race and you’ll have something to work towards. If you’re not ready to go long, there are plenty of shorter distance races to cut your teeth on. Don’t be fooled by the marathoners, if you run your heart out you’ll get just as much satisfaction from running a shorter distance as the full 26.2 when you shoot across the finish line into the arms of your well-earned medal.

2. Nutrition volition 

If eating well is a bugbear but you’re bored of fad diets, believe it or not training for an event is the perfect time to consider your nutrition. Not only will you be training more and therefore burning more calories, but when food is fuel you can’t help but become mindful of what you put in your body. If you eat nothing but cream cakes and Mars Bars all day long, it will directly impact your energy levels and your running will suffer. Enter a race today and factor your eating habits into your training plan to reap rewards.

3. Community spirit

Running is an infectious hobby and once you’ve got the bug you’ll soon meet lots of likeminded people. Join your local running club or set up your own with friends and integrate running into your social life. Fellow runners can offer great support in the run up to your big day and a much needed shoulder to cry out during the inevitable off days. That beer shared with your mates will also be all the more satisfying if enjoyed after a good hard run.

4. Healthy physique

Training makes you look and feel better, and if you enter a race, you’ll even have a special day at the end to showcase all your hard work in skin tight Lycra. Start training for a race today and enjoy how your body evolves.

5. Charity

Raising funds for a charitable cause is not only good karma, but provides a fantastic incentive to keep training and will make you feel like a virtuous human being in the process. If your friends and family invest in your goal they will also be all the more encouraging for you to succeed.

6. Crowd support

If you’re a race novice, then chances are you’ve never experienced the exhilaration of crowd support. Unless you’re an athlete or a popstar, running a race is pretty much one of the only occasions in adult life that total strangers will cheer you in public and will you to succeed. Enter a race with strong crowd support and bask in the glory of the cheering masses. You trained for it; you earned it, so enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

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