If you can’t race, then cheer!

Why cheering on race day is good for the soul

by Rhalou Allerhand
marathon cheer

Perhaps you’re injured, taking time out from running, or busy training for an event? There’s never been a better time to take to the streets and cheer.

Good karma

Willing strangers in the street to succeed not only gives you extra special karma points, but it makes you feel great to boot. You know how important it is during your own races, so shout your head off at people you will never see again in your life and afterwards bask in the glory of feel-good endorphins.

Community in action

Get your friends, neighbours and running club onto the streets come race day and the whole block will reap the rewards. Clubbing together to create cheer banners, water stations, jelly baby stops and a wall of sound will unite people in a special way, so gather your community together and get cheering.

Look out for the little guys

Larger events are known for big crowds, where as smaller races often miss out on the cheers. Show your support for small independent events across the country and cheer your heart out. If it means sacrificing your Sunday morning to shout at three runners and a field of sheep, then so be it. Good news spreads fast and with your help next year’s event could easily triple in size.

Mutual support

It’s a straightforward exchange; if you show your support for your friends on race day, they will return the favour and applaud you by the roadside you when you need it the most. Hotfoot it down to your friend’s event this weekend and holler your head off, it will pay dividends when the roles are reversed.


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