6 reasons to enter your first race today

Originally published on The Running Bug

Recently taken up running but yet to enter a race? The concept of taking on a timed event might fill you with dread, but there’s a strong chance it will change your life in ways you never imagined.

6 reasons to enter your first race today


Adding a race to your calendar is guaranteed to provide an incentive to train hard and log the miles. It also gives you a goal in life and an eye on the horizon. Sign up to your first race today and reap the training rewards! If you’re not sure where to start, head over to our Events section and chat to your follow runners for race day advice.

Embark on an adventure

Remember the very first time you ever stepped out for a run? You don’t regret that now and you won’t regret taking on a race. From 5K to a marathon, embarking on a running adventure is a step into the unknown. But just like falling in love, not knowing the outcome when you begin a new journey is what makes it magical.

Give back to your community

From raising funds for local charities to participating in local events, being involved in your community is good for the soul. Plus doing altruistic deeds won’t just make you feel good, it will impact positively on your fitness to boot. Studies have found that people who make a habit of helping others report better health than those who don’t. Sign up to your first race today and you’ll improve your fitness tenfold!

Reward yourself

Time for a treat? Enter a race today and reward yourself for your success. From a slap up post-race dinner to a new pair of shoes, providing personal incentives will not only motivate you to keep training, it will make crossing the finish line a thousand times sweeter!

Take on a challenge

Convinced you can’t run further than the lamppost without losing breath? Challenge yourself to run a 5K without stopping and you might just surprise yourself. Any able-bodied person in good health is capable of running a race, but only a tiny percentage of the population do. Take on the challenge today and prove to yourself you are amazing.

Bathe in the limelight

Unless you happen to be a musician, chances are your sole experience of the limelight was playing a shepherd in the nativity play at school. Ever wondered what it feels like to strut down the red carpet surrounded by screaming fans? Entering races are the next best thing! Running down that final stretch towards the finish line is the closest thing many of us will get to stardom, and it feels incredible.

Sign up, run that race and work that final mile like it’s the opening night, you are a rockstar and you deserve it.